Amber Collar Dog


                               Amber collar for dogs

Almost all our customers use the amber collar for their dogs as tick protection.
For legal purposes we are not allowed to advertise with the slogan "amber against ticks" or "amber collar for dogs against ticks". All advertising against ticks or other parasites must not be mentioned in connection with our amber collars.
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The advantages of our amber collars
for dogs are long known to many responsible dog owners and they are appreciated that our collars  are without chemistry and can not trigger allergies. Furthermore, our amber collars are easy to use and also very easy to care for.


Do not buy cheap copies, they fail what they promise!

Trust the original amberdog® amber collars for dogs

Known from TV, radio and numerous magazines

We only sell 100% genuine natural stone with certificate !!!

Unfortunately, artificial amber is offered on the market, which a layman can hardly distinguish from real amber. In addition, amber necklaces with polished amber stones are offered, which usually have no effect. Even chains or trailers with only one amber on it can not achieve the desired effect.

So be safe and buy amberdog® for your amber dog

Amber is also used in esoterism for the following symptoms:

Depression, anxiety, nervousness, joint disorders, eye diseases, stomach and intestinal complaints, inflammation, etc ..


Since the effects of amber, ticks and all other positive effects associated with amber are not scientifically proven, we explicitly point out that our amber chains do not replace a visit or treatment with the veterinarian and we do not guarantee the effect can do that.

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