Amber collar Flexi


Amber collar Flexi

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Amber collar for dogs Flexi

All ambers are untreated.

Colour: yellow/ cognac-coloured

The adjustable collar is perfect for puppies or close-cropped dogs.

The collar can be extended about 5-10cm (size-dependend).

Functional carabiner-clasp.

The gemstones are knotted by hand and being threaded on a thick string.

The amber collar will be delivered with a certificate, which proves the authenticity of the amber.  

The picture may differ from original product.

The saftety of the dogs is a very important factor for us. That is why every amber collar has a predetermined breaking point, so that the collar will break if your dog trips somewhere. So he is not able to strangle himself. 

Because we're using untreated natural amber, which is a bit more fragile than treated amber, there may be occassions where individual gemstones  break.  That is not a defect in quality of the products, but a guarantor that we are only dealing with genuine amber. The effectiveness of the amber isn't affected because of that. 

Reference: All the chains which are threaded on cords and on which the amber is knotted by hand could extend a little bit in the long run.

Because the effect of amber against ticks and all the other positive impacts aren't scientifically proved, we would like to explicitly state that our necklaces don't substitute a visit or a treatment to the veterinary and we are not able to give you a warranty of the effect of amber.


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