Amber necklace EM-Kera Koralle 35cm

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A noble amber necklace for a dog
Great combination:
Amber & EM-Kera Pipe & Koralle
Length ca.35cm
Stones are raised on a jewelery wire
Weight 21.2g
Dia. the natural amber: ca.10-12mm
Color: cognac, yellow
Koralle: approx. 10x2mm
EM Ceramic Pipes: ca.9x12mm
Practical carabiner closure in heart shape
Material: amber, em-ceramic pipe, amethyst, jewelry beads, jewelry wire, lobster clasp
Amber necklace comes with a certificate attesting the authenticity of amber

The safety of dogs is our priority. Therefore, all of our chains are provided with a predetermined breaking point, so that they tear, if your dog should be stuck with it somewhere to prevent strangulation! Since we use untreated natural amber for our chains and it is a bit more brittle than treated amber,
It can happen that individual stones can also break off. This is not a defect in the product but rather a guarantee that it really is real natural amber. The effect is not affected.
As the effect of amber, against ticks and all other positive effects promised to amber,
have not been scientifically proven, we would like to point out that our chains do not replace a visit or treatment at the veterinarian and we can not guarantee the effect.


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